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Can you tell me more about La Belle Escape?

La Belle Escape is an exclusive members-only online platform for Luxe Travellers, offering high-end packages for those who value unique experience with selective sets of luxurious hotels and resorts all around the world and this at the best price guaranteed! Sign up it’s free and enjoy the discounts up to 77% on the most luxurious hotels.

What do I do after signing up?

After you signing up, you can browse through our list of deals. When you like a particular deal, click on it and you will access his details. Each deal will have multiple package options based on the number of nights, room category, and inclusions. You can choose the package of your liking and proceed to ‘Book This Package’.

What inclusions means?

They are value-adds included in your package designed to improve your comfort and wellbeing, at no extra cost for you. They range from room upgrades and free breakfast to complimentary spa and discounts at the hotel restaurant.